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West Coast Aromatics, Essential Oils,Product Name: Angelica Root Botanical Name: Angelica Archangelica Origin: France Family: Apiaceae Plant Part: Root Extraction Method: Steam Distillation Color: Light Brownish Yellow Liquid Consistency: Medium Note: Middle Strength of Aroma: Strong

Black Child Resistant Dropper Cap 18mm

(18mm) X 1
Price: $0.45
(18mm) 2-99
Price: $0.39
(18mm) 100-249
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Price: $0.34
(18mm) 500-999
Price: $0.33
(18mm) 1000 -2500
Price: $0.31
(18mm) 2501 -5000
Price: $0.29
(18mm) 5001 -10000
Price: $0.27
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Item ID:
  • CAP TYPE: Child Resistant Cap, Dropper Cap
  • CAP SIZE: (18mm)

18mm Child Resistant Screw Cap

Our 18mm Black Child Resistant Screw Cap with Dropper Insert. Is perfect if you need to reduce the bottle neck opening and control the dispensing of the product within. The child resistant feature helps keep harmful solutions out of the reach of small children. Ideal for essential and aromatherapy products. The dropper insert, is inserted into the bottle neck quickly and easily when the cap is screwed into place.

Compatible with our glass dropper bottles.

Please note:

  • Due to the smaller opening this is our slower flowing insert.
  • Compatible with all our dropper bottles

Please note: before committing to large orders, we advise all customers to do their own product unit test. West Coast Aromatics accepts no responsibility for product incompatibility.

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