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List of SB - Arome de Provence

Arome de Provence
  • Root
New Age
  • Acne
VITALITY Synergy Blend – Essential Oils. Shop West Coast Aromatics Bulk, Wholesale at from reputable sources in the world. Try today. You'll Immediately Notice the Difference! ✓60 Day-Money Back.


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100% Pure Therapeutic Grade GC/MS Tested

  • Product Name: Vitalité
  • Color: Colorless to Pale Yellow Liquid
  • Consistency: Thin
  • Note: Base
  • Strength of Aroma: Light
BOTANICAL PORTRAITThe Vitalité Synergy Blend contains oils that affect both emotional and physical problems in the body. It contains a multitude of oils which include Palmarosa, Cypress, Sage, Lavender and Fennel. All of these oils work together to help promote health in individuals. SOURCE  When experiencing emotional problems, one can apply the Vitalité Synergy blend directly to the area where the problem is occurring. It can also be used during a massage to have its greatest effect. The Vitalite Synergy Blend can also be used as aromatherapy when emotional or mental problems occur. Diffuse this around the house to clean and refresh the air while also providing a wonderful fragrance. Use the Vitalité Synergy in conjunction with your body lotion, cream, or oil to help improve these benefits.ORIGIN The Vitalité Synergy has a combination of scents that consist of a powerful pine scent that has underlying scents of a kind of liquorice that originates from the Fennel Oil. PRINCIPLE CONSTITUENTS The Rose Geranium in the Vitalité Synergy has uplifting and enriching attributes that are great for lifting spirits. The Palmarosa is one of the best oils to dissolve cellulite and is used to calm the nerves to make a more relaxed and tranquil individual. These two oils combined make for a superb calming and uplifting Vitalité Synergy that can make the worries of the world seem to melt away so that you can enjoy the rest of the day.
NERVOUS SYSTEM Vive la bonne humeur! That is the alternate name of the Vitalité Synergy which, literally translated, means “To Be Joyous” and that is what it does; it helps one when they are experiencing worry or exhaustion which affects their mood in a negative way. The Vitalité Synergy blend alleviates that worry and stress which, in turn, instils a better mood in the individual. GENITOURINARY AND CIRCULATORY SYSTEM The Vitalité Synergy promotes better circulation in the body and, thus, lowers blood pressure. It can also help problems caused by PMS or menopause in the same way. The Vitalité Synergy therefore is very versatile for many problems in the body. BODY CAREThe Vitalité Synergy has also been reported as having an effect on cellulite in the body when used in massage therapy. This is because the Vitalité Synergy is composed of oils that are diuretics which can help the body excrete water which is one of the main causes of cellulite. SKIN CAREThe Vitalité Synergy can be used in dilution on the skin to rejuvenate the skin and maintain a younger looking complexion to fight wrinkles and other signs of aging.
Use in Dilution as this may be dermally irritating. Avoid use during pregnancy. IMPORTANT All of our products are for external use only. MSDS MSDS
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