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List of MO - Arome de Provence

Arome de Provence
SENSUALITÉ Scented Massage Oil. Shop West Coast Aromatics Bulk, Wholesale at from reputable sources in the world. Try today. You'll Immediately Notice the Difference! ✓60 Day-Money Back.

Sensualité Massage Oil

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100% Pure Therapeutic Grade GC/MS Tested

MASSAGE OIL The magnificent ingredients in the Sensualite Massage Oil include Carrier Oils like avocado because of its ability to nourish the skin with its high Vitamin content, Sunflower with its ability to moisturize the skin with its content of high oleic acid to moisturize the skin, and Wheatgerm with its oleic acids and its ability to prolong the shelf life of this Massage Oil. Jojoba Golden is used in this Massage Oil to increase the moisturizing properties as well as to help protect the skin after the massage. It also contains Apricot Kernel Oil to help increase the effectiveness of this Massage Oil on sensitive skin as well as making it even more relaxing overall. The magnificent Vitamin E in the Sensualite Massage Oil is used because it is vital to maintaining the health of your skin. SENSUALITE The Sensualité Massage Oil can instil a wonderful feeling of confidence in your body and a sense of increased desire, sensuality. The potent aphrodisiac qualities of the Ylang Ylang Essential Oil instil this wonderful desire and passion in your mind which makes you feel more confident in your body. It also allows your mind to relax and unwind because of the calming oils in it such as the Rose and Geranium.
EXPLANATION The Massage Oil can be used by those who wish to increase a sense of passion to their love lives. This is because of the powerful aphrodisiac properties of the Essential Oils as well as the ability of this Massage Oil to boost your confidence in yourself. The ingredients in this Massage Oil are also great to use for making your skin more beautiful and healthier. It is preferred by Massage Therapists because it is easy to work with, providing a smooth and gentle glide on the body. The Massage Oil is also completely water dispersible which means it does not stain sheets. It is also 100% Paraben Free. Make sure to use this Massage Oil within 2 years to prevent rancid.
MASSAGE TECHNIQUES The Sensualite Massage Oil can help you feel more confident about yourself and your body. It can also help put you into a sensual mood for your partner because of the strong aphrodisiac properties. The Sensualite Massage Oil is designed to be used with the Swedish Massage technique as its long, gliding strokes put the body into a relaxed and invigorated mood. This will help you feel more confident after the massage. This will work to benefit the skin as the ingredients of the Massage Oil penetrate the skin to work their magic deep within so you can develop a beautiful complexion all the way down to the roots.
Use in Dilution as this may be dermally irritating. Avoid use during pregnancy.IMPORTANT All of our products are for external use only. MSDS MSDS
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