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SAMPLER PACK 6 Citrus Essential Oils. Shop West Coast Aromatics Bulk, Wholesale at from reputable sources in the world. Try today. You'll Immediately Notice the Difference! ✓60 Day-Money Back.

Sampler Pack - 6 Citrus Essential Oils

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100% Pure Therapeutic Grade GC/MS Tested

  • Lemon: Citrus Limonum (Sicily)
  • Orange Sweet: Citrus Sinensis (Brazil)
  • Grapefruit White: Citrus Racemosa (France)
  • Mandarin: Citrus Reticulata (Italy)
  • Lime: Citrus Aurantifolia (Italy)
  • Tangerine: Citrus Reticulata (Italy)
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LEMON Lemon Essential Oil has a delightfully fresh, crisp citrus aroma that helps keep the mind clear and alert. Thanks to its invigorating and its antimicrobial properties this oil can help boost the circulatory system health and even the skin tone. Lemon essential oil is also known to be a natural stress reliever. Diffuse or inhale this aromatic oil to help with anxiety and increase overall mood and energy. ORANGE SWEET Orange Sweet Essential Oil has a vibrant, fresh, sweet, and fruity aroma. This oil shows properties of being energizing, soothing and uplifting. A few drops added to a diffuser lifts the mood, relaxes the mind, and reduces stress. This oil is also known to treat conditions such as cold, flu symptoms and digestive issues. Antimicrobial, Sweet Orange Essential Oil is often used when cleaning or sanitizing. WHITE GRAPEFRUIT Grapefruit Essential Oil has a delightfully citrus tangy aroma that is invigorating and highly refreshing. The stimulating property of this oil helps to maintain concentration, reduce stress, and can balance mood. This oil is also known to act as a natural appetite suppressant. With its astringent’s properties, Grapefruit is also a perfect oil to help with acne, oily-skin and used in facial oils and lotions. MANDARINMandarin Essential Oil has a lovely warm, sweet, and fruity aroma. Known as the sweetest and most calming citrus essential oil, it is delightful to diffuse to uplift mood, making it ideal to help reducing negative emotional conditions such as stress, irritability and anxiety. This oil is also good for children due to its sedative properties. Mandarin has a mild antispasmodic effect which makes it useful for relaxing muscle spasms and can help to relieve digestive problems. A few drops of Mandarin Essential Oil added to a carrier oil can be used in massage to treat cellulite, stretch marks and fluid retention effectively. LIME The fresh and zesty citrus aroma of Lime Essential Oil stimulates, refreshes, and uplifts both mind and body. Its antioxidant and tonic properties make it a perfect oil to rejuvenate skin and to energize tired muscles. Diffuse to help stave off feelings of anxiety and boost immunity. TANGERINE Tangerine Essential Oil has a delightful bright, sweet floral aroma. Tangerine has high levels of d-limonene and offers many benefits. This oil is a natural tonic with antioxidant properties and can boost the immune power, making the body more resistant against infections and illnesses. Tangerine oil is also particularly valuable to reduce wrinkles and treat common skin conditions such as scars and stretch marks. This oil is wonderful to diffuse to help relieve feelings of stress, anxiety while promoting peace and relaxation.

CAUTIONS: *Most of Citrus Essential Oils are photosensitive. Do not expose skin to direct or indirect sunlight after use.

SKIN CARE The Sweet Orange Oil is a wonderful Essential Oil for helping dull and oily complexions, mouth ulcers. Orange Sweet Oil can help improve the overall complexion of your skin. DIGESTIVE SYSTEM The Orange Sweet Essential Oil can help ease constipation when it is hard to go, as well as help treat dyspepsia and spasm. NERVOUS SYSTEMThe uplifting and calming properties of the Orange Sweet Essential Oil can help stress related conditions and relieve nervous tension to allow you to relax after a long and hard day. CIRCULATION, MUSCLES AND JOINTSThe citrusy Orange Sweet Essential Oil may help one lose weight as it is thought to help reduce water weight. Orange Sweet can help palpitations in the heart and help the body retain water when needed RESPIRATORY SYSTEMThe Orange Sweet Essential Oil is said to have an opening feeling that is said to help the body deal with bronchitis and the chills by opening airways to make it easier to take a deeper and more fulfilling breath. IMMUNE SYSTEMAs the Orange Sweet Essential Oil is high in Vitamin C, it can have the same effect as orange juice on the immune system; it boosts the immune system so that it can better fight the cold and the flu.
Possibly toxic and can cause skin irritation. Avoid use during Pregnancy. IMPORTANT All of our products are for external use only. MSDS MSDS
Single Notes Included Are:

  • Lemon
  • Orange (Sweet)
  • Grapefruit (White)
  • Mandarin
  • Lime
  • Tangerine

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