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List of SB - Arome de Provence

Arome de Provence
  • Root
New Age
  • Acne
SERENITY Synergy Blend – Essential Oils. Shop West Coast Aromatics Bulk, Wholesale at from reputable sources in the world. Try today. You'll Immediately Notice the Difference! ✓60 Day-Money Back.


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100% Pure Therapeutic Grade GC/MS Tested

  • Product Name: Sérénité
  • Color: Colorless to Pale Yellow Liquid
  • Consistency: Thin
  • Note: Middle
  • Strength of Aroma: Strong
BOTANICAL PORTRAIT The Sérénité Synergy contains many relaxing oils like Lavender, Chamomile, Orange and Rosewood as well as many others. Each is designed to help put the body into a state of relaxation and tranquility during the night. It is wonderful when stress, worry, or physical problems such as headaches or migraines make you restless at night and prevent you from getting a good night sleep. SOURCE When you are restless at night, apply the Sérénité Synergy to the chest and back to help calm the nerves as the aroma calms your brain and quiets the stress that keeps it active at night. If headaches are what keep you up, apply the Sérénité Synergy to the head as it relaxes the nerves and its cooling nature soothes the pain. It can also be diffused around a room to provide a clean atmosphere as well as a pleasurable scent. One can also add a dash of the Serenite Synergy to a cloth to place by your bed. This will help you fall asleep easier.ORIGIN Its scent of Lavender and Chamomile make the Sérénité Synergy Blend have a warm and relaxing quality that sets the mind at ease and can help you enjoy a wonderfully calming sense of tranquillity. The oils that make up the Sérénité Synergy are renowned for their calming nature; The Chamomile Essential has been used for tea for ages to promote slumber and Lavender has been renowned for its calming nature and makes the Sérénité Synergy Blend exceptionally astonishing.
NERVOUS SYSTEM The Sérénité Synergy Blend promotes a sense of tranquility in the body to help the body fall into a deep and refreshing sleep. This allows you to wake up more refreshed and replenished as a good night sleep revives your body. Because of its relaxing and cooling nature, it can help soothe the pain of headaches that prevent you from falling asleep. When applied, it can be felt that it is working to relax the tenseness caused by headaches. Simply place 2-4 drops on your temples to help alleviate the pain. When restlessness because of worry or stress keeps you up at night, The Sérénité Synergy Blends aroma and calming nature to help ease the thoughts of anxiety that race through your head and can cause you to toss and turn endlessly throughout the night. SKIN CARE The Sérénité Synergy has an effect on the skin by helping fight those itches and irritation of sunburn while helping hydrate the skin and scalp. It also fights foot and body odor to instill a state of cleanly hygiene.
Use in Dilution as this may be dermally irritating. Avoid use during pregnancy. IMPORTANT All of our products are for external use only. MSDS MSDS
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